So, you understood: slicers are our main product. We really have something for everyone! However, we know that it is sometimes difficult to choose alone and that doubts or questions often arise.
For this reason we created a list of FAQs about slicers.
Check it out for even more information on specific topics.

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10 Basic Rules

First of all: always keep these important golden rules in mind!

  1. Read operating instructions before using machine
  2. Clean the slicer at least once a day
  3. Sharpen the blade at least once a week
  4. Lubricate sliding bars at least once a month
  5. Keep out of children
  6. Do not turn machine on unless all guards are in place
  7. Do not feed food by hand: always use food pusher
  8. Always electrically ground the machine
  9. Always unplug machine before cleaning
  10. Keep machine away from water: avoid water jets during cleaning


How to choose the perfect slicer

The choice of the slicer depends first of all on the product you want to slice and from the space available.
The blades range from 195 to 370 mm in diameter. Increasing the size of the blade allows to increase the size of the product to be sliced. 

Gravity slicers are very versatile for cutting different types of products. Vertical slicers are historically the favorite of butchers and are especially suitable for cutting raw meat and large products.

Special food chute for meat and cold cuts and accessories for cutting vegetables are available.
Specific blades and configurations are recommended for cheese, bread and fish.


Tips for cleaning the slicer

Slicer must always be cleaned with the blade closed (knob graduated at 0) and with the power plug disconnected, using a soft cloth moistened with warm water and a mild detergent suitable for treating surfaces that will come into contact with food.

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Optimal time of operation

Continuous work with the slicer is recommended for no more than 15/20 consecutive minutes, followed by 15/20 minutes of rest, to avoid engine damage.
As an indication, the professional models are equipped with a continuous duty motor while the home models have a less powerful motor.
On the label placed on the slicer you will find the voice "Serv":
Serv. Cont. = continuous service. Use your slicer as long as you want.
Serv. 20/20 or 15/15 = Use the slicer for 15/20 consecutive minutes followed by 15/20 minutes of rest (slicer off!).


How to improve the sliding of food chute

Unplug the power cord, clean the slide rod, being careful not to damage the electrical parts, then lubricate with vaseline oil.


How to improve the sliding of end weight

Carefully clean the end weight slide rod the food chute runs along, then lubricate with vaseline oil.


Sliceable Products

With the Essedue and Rheninghaus slicers it is possible to slice all cured meats, boneless and non-frozen cuts of meat. For cutting cheese, bread and fish, blades and specific configurations are available.


How to sharpen the blade

Sharpening the blade of a slicer is an important maintenance operation that helps keep the machine in good condition, allowing it to always guarantee a precise and quality cut.

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