The history of the Italian industry is studded with events and products that make every moment unique.
Often we connect our childhood to a product and the memory becomes sweet.
The foundation of Rheninghaus dates back to a period made of experiments and discoveries.
We wanted to collect here some moments, in a kind of museum, to keep alive the memories of a special journey that retraces our origins.


Rheninghaus was founded in 1950 in Turin, and it has a great history.
At the beginning the production is dedicated to flywheel slicers for the Italian market, but Rheninghaus finds its real purpose with anodized aluminium slicers for international markets.
In 2016 Rheninghaus has been acquired by Essedue that noticed its historicity and skills.

Thanks to the creativity of the designers and the requests of the market, Rheninghaus realized many machines with absolutely new and sometimes very particular characteristics.
In the today’s production site in San Mauro Torinese unique pieces are saved: they talk about the story of a creative and forward-looking Italian company.


In 60’s was produced vertical automatic slicer Oberwerk with the blade of 350mm, covered in stainless steel and with a thickness gauge in transparent tempered crystal.
It was updated and produced until 90’s: its latest version was with a three speed motor, a blade of 370mm and electronic programming for the number of the slices.

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