Food contact



Certified Product

July 2019

In compliance with Regulation (EC) n. 1935/2004 and the Regulation (EC) n. 2023/2006 governing the Materials and Objects destined to come into contact with food, we are the first Italian manufacturer of slicers to have obtained product certification from the ICIM certification body.

Why certification from an external organization?

We have preferred the road of product certification by an external body to ensure an objective and impartial quality to our Customers.

ICIM is a certification body with thirty years of experience and great experience in the mechanical sector with which we have embarked on a long journey that has led us to obtain product certification in relation to contact with food.

The verifications conducted by an independent third-party body enable the demonstration of the adoption of good manufacturing practices and compliance with safety requirements. The checks carried out by ICIM verify the company’s ability to manage the risks deriving from contact and the performance risks of the products (if correctly used according to the use and maintenance instructions), avoiding and preventing alterations in the quality and healthiness of the foods with which they enter in contact.