QuanTanium® is a special reinforced three-layer-non-stick coating with Titanium particles that allows:

  • smoothness: difficult products like cheese or fresh meat do not stick and products slide smoothly and frictionless;
  • higher resistance to abrasion;
  • resistance to most aggressive detergents.

Cut requires a lot less effort, it’s more accurate and cleaning is very rapid; furthermore your QuanTanium slicer will remain as new for many years without undergoing deterioration.


Q: Can QuanTanium® coated surfaces have negative effects on food ? 

A: No, because QuanTanium® is inert and it does not have any effect on food condition or taste.

Q: Is QuanTanium® dangerous for your health? 

A: No, because it has been made from inert, nontoxic materials.

Q: How can it be guaranteed that QuanTanium® is a suitable and lasting coating?

A: The QuanTanium® coated Rheninghaus slicer has obtained the NSF Certification.